Free Consultation Visit

This visit is a free opportunity to learn more, ask your questions and get to know Paige.

prenatal Care is for the whole family

prenatal Care is for the whole family

Customized Prenatal Care

Relaxing, hour-long prenatal visits allow us to get to know one another, and ample time for you to get answers to all of your questions. At visits we listen to the baby, take your vitals, do necessary lab work and leave lots of time for talking. I see clients once a month for the first 28 weeks then every other week until 36 weeks. At 36 weeks we will have a visit in your home with the entire birth team, and then I’ll see you weekly until your baby is born.  

I am reachable by email and phone at all times during your pregnancy and postpartum period and encourage my clients to contact me in between appointments with any questions or concerns.

Care for Birth

By the time of your birth we know one another quite well. We use this relationship to determine when it is time for me to come attend you in labor. There is no wrong time! Often I may check-in on a waiting family, leave for a while, and come back when things are going strong. Once your labor is well established another midwife and I will stay through your birth and at least 3 hours postpartum to make sure all is well, feed you and tuck you all in.

After your Birth

I believe that extra support in the postpartum period makes all the difference in creating healthy families; I visit at 24 hours, on day three, one week and then am in contact at least weekly via phone until the final 6 week visit. Extra visits are always an option if you need a little extra support!


Placenta Encapsulation

Tammy Bradshaw Photography

Tammy Bradshaw Photography

Placenta encapsulation is a valuable way to improve your postpartum health and mood. I have been encapsulating placentas for the last five years and use the raw method of preparation.  The placenta is sliced, dehydrated at a low temp to maintain nutrients and ground into a powder before being put into capsules. This provides you with a burst of energy upfront, a boost to your iron levels and great hormone stabilization postpartum.

I charge $200 for this service and usually bring your capsules to you within 24 hours of picking it up.

"There is so much you can’t know about your spouse when you get married, like that one day she will want to eat her placenta. But there are two things you don’t argue about with a pregnant woman: what she eats and that being full of life indeed looks sexy."    Joel Stein

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