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Woman Led, Midwife Provided, in Home Postpartum Care

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Whether you are birthing in hospital or planning a freebirth, this page is for you.


A la Carte Postpartum Care

Homebirth with a midwife isn't the right choice for every family, but every family deserves to be nurtured in the postpartum period.Decide what works best for you in the days and weeks after your birth to create a comprehensive postpartum plan that will leave you feeling supported, nourished, and prepared.

  • Free prenatal consult, to design a support plan that's just right for your family. Schedule Today!

  • Unlimited postpartum phone support, access to a midwife via phone or text 24/7 up to 2 months after your birth

  • Postpartum visits when you want them, in your home

    • A potential schedule might be: visits on day three, one week, 2 weeks, and four weeks with phone calls & texts in between

  • Mama and baby care

  • Lactation Support

  • Placenta Encapsulation, the super vitamin made for you by you is a great support for any postpartum period

Customizable and affordable options starting at $100. As this is a new program for Borne Home we aren't sure about insurance reimbursement just yet but are happy to provide itemized invoices that you can submit to your insurance company for both mama & baby care.

Supporting Unassisted Childbirth in the Postpartum

Along with any of the a la carte options listed above, families choosing unassisted birth also have access to other kinds of support. Contact Paige to work out a postpartum plan that suits your family, you are welcome to choose as many or as few of the options above and below.

  • Prenatal Proof of Pregnancy Visit, generally for insurance reasons but can include a checkup or blood work if you choose, this visit would happen in your home.

  • Birth Certificate and Vital Records Support (For ME, NH, & MA)

  • Immediate postpartum visit after the birth to tuck you in, feed you, and offer a newborn exam should you choose one. I am also able to fax any records you choose to your newborn care provider to smooth your transition into pediatric care.

  • Support for Rh Negative moms, prenatal Rhogam administration, teaching you to draw cord blood after the birth to type your baby, and postpartum Rhogam if required/requested.

  • In arms Newborn Metabolic Screen, after day 3 of life. Rather than going into a lab or forgoing the screening all together Paige can do it quickly, efficiently, and kindly in the comfort of your home while babe nurses.

  • Congenital Heart Disease Screening, this noninvasive test measures the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood that is saturated with oxygen and can reduce the chance of overlooking critical congenital heart disease (CCHD) in newborns. Usually done at 24 hours after birth, these results are not reported anywhere but to you!

  • In arms Vitamin K injection, should your family decide that you would like a vitamin K shot for your baby, we can do that while you snuggle your baby, in the least traumatic way possible. Here's the oral Vitamin K that many of our clients use.

YOU did it, you are in charge of your own care and you get to choose what that looks like in the postpartum. Paige is very comfortable with freebirthing families and will respect all of your wishes to remain autonomous over yourself and your baby. 


However and where ever you decide to birth, you deserve to have an abundant postpartum period where you feel supported and safe.

Serving Southern Maine, Coastal New Hampshire, and anywhere within an hour of Berwick, ME.