A Note from Paige:

I never want issues regarding money and payment to interfere with our care-giving relationship. My work as a midwife is much more than a job, and the reality is that my fees allow me to be available and accessible to you throughout your entire pregnancy.  I realize meeting the expenses will take planning for most families, and I am committed to working together to develop a clear and suitable payment plan at the beginning of your time in my care. Discounts are often available for families that are eligible for Medicaid, and bartering is encouraged.


How much does a homebirth cost?

The comprehensive fee with Borne Home is $3,700. This includes your prenatal care, birth, birth assistant, and postpartum visits.

What is not included?

What is included in the fee? 

  • Initial Prenatal visit

  • Global maternity care including up to 13 prenatal visits as well as labor, birth and immediate postpartum care for mother and baby

  • 36 week home visit

  • Initial newborn care

  • Up to 4 home postpartum visits for mom and baby

  • 6 week postpartum visit for mom and baby

  • Standard supplies to be used during labor & birth

  • Newborn metabolic screening

  • On-call availability of your midwife throughout pregnancy

  • Ultrasound(s)

  • Dietary & herbal supplements

  • Childbirth classes

  • Non-stress tests and/or Biophysical Profiles

  • Circumcision

  • Birth kit

  • Lab fees: Borne Home sends lab work including blood tests, cultures, urine tests, and pap smears to LabCorp, and they will bill you or your insurance company directly

The above services are related to other businesses and billed by them, your insurance may or may not cover these services.

What can we get for you and the baby?

When working on your registry or answering this question consider asking friends and family to contribute to your birth. I’ve made this easier by working with square to give you the option of gift cards to pay for my services.