Paige provides the most thoughtful and amazing support not only during pregnancy & labor but in the most vulnerable postpartum period. I hired her for my third baby and can not say enough good things about the level of support I received. I never felt alone or unsure during my experience.

Marissa S

My experience with Paige was nothing less than magical. She held space for questions, curiosity and excitement as new parents. (especially for my husband who was new to this home birth idea) AND she supported us the day after she got married. Paige is exceptional and as a chiropractor I recommend her to all my pregnant mamas.

Dr Loren Allard

What isn’t there to say about Paige?! She’s such an incredible midwife and just the warmest person you could possibly invite into your life at this incredible time. She’s caring, thoughtful and beyond helpful and kind, always going above and beyond for her patients. I went into my birth with such ease and confidence knowing how well supported and heard I was through my entire pregnancy and had an absolutely amazing experience with birth of my sweet baby River. Paige has really become like a part of our family and I could not recommend (or love) her more.

Nikki R

Paige was the second midwife we met for our number three, one and two did not like the first midwife we saw, but showered Paige with flowers, chives, and pebbles. I knew then she was going to take care of me through this journey. My husband and I both really enjoyed her visits, that definitely didn't feel like "check-ups". Paige gave us information when we needed it and made us very comfortable. Due to number three deciding to be very, very late (43 weeks on the button! Very healthy baby boy!), there were concerns when my water broke and we ended up going to the hospital. Paige made that a smooth transition and we didn't feel judged and my birth wishes were still honored. She has a great rapport with WDH. If a number four decides to make its way, we'll definitely want her as our midwife again.

Cori A

What can I say about Paige, other than I love her to pieces. When I first met Paige a year before conceiving I knew she was going to be my midwife. She is incredibly knowledgeable about her craft and gives you the power to birth your way. I have a deep professional understanding of birth, but having Paige present at my birth was a blessing. She is amazing and I'd highly recommend her!

Dr Ryan Bailey

The model on how to bring new life into this earth.
If you have any questions about inviting Paige into your birth feel free to contact me, but I can tell you now, I will not run out of positive things to say.

Matthew R

We LOVE our birth story! From beginning to now! We couldn’t have done it without Paige! We were determined to have a water birth with NO needles and she made this 100% a reality! She allowed for a hands on yet totally hands off process since day one to our sons birth day! Allowing me to birth my son and placenta allowed me to become more confident in myself and my body! She had a second midwife there (normal procedure) and the two of them were amazing in handling our only “complication” of a torn cord. We are extremely happy we got to experience our sons birth in this manner. Sometimes you must give yourself some credit in knowing what your body wants you to do and just go with it. Something Paige has taught me along the way! Thank you for our story and being a huge part of it! Campton will also have a story to pass on to his generations to follow.


Paige worked with me while on her path to becoming a midwife; we shared an instant bond- we had such a fun year together and I’m so delighted for all you mamas/ families who are blessed to be in partnership with her during your pregnancy & beyond. Paige is a rare bird- insightful , intuitive, kind & wise beyond her years! I highly recommend Paige & Borne Home

Karen Webster, CPM

Paige was our doula through two hospital-based waterbirths, one in-person prior to becoming part of Borne Home, and a second waterbirth a couple weeks ago where she kindly agreed to be a resource for us via phone while we labored at home in Boston. Our goals for both births were to have minimal interventions and a healthy mom and baby. Having Paige involved greatly increased our likelihood of those outcomes. She was a fantastic resource throughout my pregnancies and a reassuring presence during both births. She helped us to think carefully about timing and options. Paige provided great support for both myself as the pregnant mom, and for my husband. I have already referred close friends to Paige, and would use her again in the future without hesitation.

Amanda Wagner