I believe that we are autonomous beings with a right to understand, ask questions, and ultimately make decisions regarding the care we receive. In this model, self care is the single most important factor to health outcomes. This manifests in the childbearing years when we choose to nourish our bodies and minds, research each decision, and choose providers who will support and honor us. 


As a midwife, I believe it is my job to make space for the experience of birth. Home birth families question what they are told, seek answers to the questions in their hearts, and make informed decisions. We walk this path together, you are neither alone nor out of control. I will endeavor to support you as we learn whatever this pregnancy was meant to teach us both. I will answer your questions honestly and to the best of my ability, providing resources when your questions leave my scope of care.

 I trust and respect the process of birth, as Ina May has said, "Our bodies must work pretty well, or there wouldn't be so many humans on the planet."  I expect that families choosing homebirth are doing so with the intention of taking responsibility for their own health and that of their baby. It is my belief that this decision will bring a reward of empowerment to women and their families that will extend far past the childbearing years.

Providing Prenatal Care, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC),
Waterbirth, Homebirth, and Postpartum Care to the Seacoast of ME & NH.


A note from my dear friend & teacher Karen Webster, CPM of WomanWise Midwifery as I could not have said it better:

"A parent may choose any place to give birth; to give birth at home is not illegal. However, the autonomy of parents in making a decision for their care as it relates to pregnancy and childbearing is being challenged in a number of court cases around the country. I believe that the laws, political climate, and policies for insurance coverage will only change to be more supportive of midwifery and birthing rights if parents demand it. I encourage you to get involved with promoting the Midwifery Model of Care and homebirth as a vital and central part of the health care system for mothers and babies."