tammy bradshaw photography

tammy bradshaw photography

Woman led, midwife supported
care for the childbearing year.

Borne Home is a homebirth midwifery practice based in Berwick, ME. We work with families on the Seacoast of ME & NH throughout their childbearing year, providing family-centered prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. Families working with Borne Home share our trust in birth as a natural process and receive care from Paige St. Cyr, CPM, NHCM as well as another midwife as a birth assistant. We share support, information, resources, and love to help families make informed decisions throughout their pregnancy, birth and parenting journeys. 

Paige believes that the work of the midwife is to be present to hold space and bear witness for the birthing family.


Wondering if we might be a good match? 

This is a precious time. You deserve to meet with as many providers, in as many locations as it takes to find the care provider that makes you feel heard and welcome. After all, at no other time in your life could one decision carry so much weight. Paige would love to meet you to see if you are a good match or provide you with a referral to someone who might be.


What are some reasons people choose to give birth at home? 

The comfort of knowing your providers well before your birth, your midwife walks through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum with you in a true depth of continuity of care. 

Many women feel safer at home surrounded by the familiar sights, sounds, and smells of home. 

Being empowered inside your own space comes more naturally to us, you are the boss, you decide who is present, where you move, and what you are eating. 

There are well documented reduced rates of interventions & cesareans. 

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“Through the bodies of women we are all born into time and space”  Amy Wright Glenn